Match Reports: Wednesday 6 December 2017 - Amesbury School
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U11 B’s Netball v Barrow Hills Under 11A
Lost 12-7

It was the U11B’s last match of the term. On a cold wintery afternoon, the girls went away to Barrow Hills and they were excited to play their final match of the term. At the start they did a great warm up to prepare ready for the match, there were lots of shots in goal and lots of great passing. At the end of the first quarter Barrow Hills were winning, the girls were showing great determination and team work. Barrow Hills kindly switched some of their team round so it was a more even match and it made the match closer. In the second quarter the U11Bs scored 4 and they scored 3, this took the score to 9-4 at half time. It was another close quarter in the 3rd quarter, Barrow Hills scored 3 and the U11Bs scored 2. The team played with wonderful team spirit, works so hard and kept their heads up throughout. In the final quarter the U11Bs scored 1 goal and Barrow Hills scored 0, there was good pace and super shoulder passes. It was a fantastic last match of the term, well played the U11Bs.

Mrs Page


U10A Netball v St. Ives

Won 13-2

Lady of the match: Jazzy J

Player’s Player: Milly

A lovely match today for the U10A team.  The girls worked hard for the ball demonstrating some lovely dodges and movement into space.  The score was very even for the first half with Amesbury leading 4-1 going into half time. Elsie was shooting well and was fed some lovely, well-timed balls by Isobel W, Flora and Milly.  While the defence worked their socks off to keep the ball out of their third. Sophie, Jazzy and Isabelle I were on fire; leaping to intercept, turning over possession with ease.  Unfortunately we made a few scrappy passes giving St. Ives the chance to score 2 goals.  Nonetheless, we dominated the match for the second half. Iona woke up for the second half and there was no stopping her as shot after shot found the net.

Well done girls on an impressive 13-2 win.  A great finish to the netball season!

Mrs Dover


U11A Rugby v Hoe Bridge

The Under 11 A team travelled away to play Hoe Bridge last Wednesday and made a great start, scoring a break-away try in the first minute of the game. Hoe Bridge were tough and well-drilled, though, so it was only a matter of time before they made their presence felt. Our much improved defensive organisation kept them at bay for a while, but eventually the score came and they were back in the game. We were slow to commit to the rucks and so didn’t win our share of ball and this led to the opposition gaining confidence and they were ahead at half-time. After half-time our rucking improved, but some lax defence enabled Hoe Bridge to build a good lead and our heads dropped. At this point we forgot our game and allowed them to dominate, scoring far too easily. Some risky long passes were thrown coupled with some ineffective kicking which only played into the opposition hands. With five minutes to go, the referee kindly allowed us a time-out and an opportunity to re-group. As a result we scored twice, winning the last five minutes and reminding ourselves that we really can play if we only keep our heads and do what we know we can do, well! Although we lost this match, we ended on a high note and, I hope, a valuable lesson was learned!

Mr Lawrence


Amesbury U10A’s Rugby v Hoe Bridge

Score: Amesbury 7 v 2 Hoe Bridge

What a game! Hard to put down in words how good a match it was. The Amesbury boys lined up against a physically bigger side who from the first whistle showed they were well drilled. The boys dug deep and put their bodies on the line making massive tackles and dogged perseverance in the ruck. Rarely letting Hoe Bridge take a metre. In attack the range of silky footwork, slick hands, quick rucking and raw power was too much for them. The speed of play helped Amesbury to a big first half lead, 5-0. In the second half credit to Hoe Bridge as they came out fighting. Amesbury did a great job of containing all attacks and only conceding twice. The final word was left to Amesbury who finished a well worked try. The final score was 7-2. Very proud of all the boys effort!

Report by: Mr O’Reilly


Amesbury U11B IX Rugby vs Hoe Bridge
Score: 6-5.
A milder day than those recently greeted the Amesbury U11Bs as they arrived at Hoe Bridge. The pitch was large and so there was plenty of room to get the ball moving.

The first half started well with Amesbury playing some fast attacking rugby. Too many times however the ball was run into contact or not passed away quick enough from the breakdown. As the half progressed the boys seemed to find their shape. A score of 3-3 at half time was a fair reflection of a pretty even first half.

The second half was frankly brilliant. The Amesbury boys took to the field and immediately were trying to force the play wide. This led to many overlaps and scoring opportunities. Coming up quickly in defence also forced Hoe Bridge into making handling errors.

The pressure continued to build and two break away trys from Hoe Bridge were quickly answered. Then in a flourish of spectacular play all round Amesbury managed to score a wonderful team try to take the final score to a well-deserved 6-5 victory.

A superb game of rugby to watch if slightly nerve racking at times!

Report by: Mr Balcombe


U10B Netball vs Barrow Hills
Lost 4-10
Players player: Rebecca
Lady of the Match: Amelia

The U10B’s had their very last netball game of the season this week and were up against Barrow Hills at home. After a quick, yet energetic warm up, the match was well under way. The score at the end of the first quarter was 0-2 in favour of Barrow Hills. Despite the score, the girls were working excellently as a team, creating space and showing off their strong and accurate shoulder passes to move the ball quickly down the court. Going into the second quarter the U10B’s determination for the ball definitely increased. The girls did a super job at chasing down any loose balls and snatching them in. As centre, Rebecca did an amazing job at dodging and leading for the ball, constantly giving her teammates passing options. Going into the third quarter the U10B’s were down 1-5. It was during this third quarter that Amesbury really put the pressure on their opposition, bringing the score to 4-6. Amelia worked hard as GA, taking several great intercepts in Amesbury’s attacking D and following this up with great shots at goal to bring the scores closer together. During the fourth quarter Isabelle C did a super job as GD, marking her player tightly in the defensive D which helped keep Barrow Hill’s scoring attempts to a minimum. Although the U10B’s did not come out with a win in their final match, it was super to see great teamwork and all the girls having lots of fun. Well done girls!

Miss O’Sullivan


U11C Netball vs West Hill Park
Won 13-9
Players player – Emily
Lady of the match – Anna

It was a chilly afternoon down at West Hill Park but that didn’t stop the U11C’s. We only went with 6 players so we had to borrow a player from the opposition each quarter but the girls made sure that they felt like they were part of the team. The U11’s started off slowly making some “rookie errors” such as foot work, inaccurate passing and lack of communication. The girls knew they needed to work harder and each quarter they stepped it up a bit, passing themselves and trying their best. Towards the end of the match they were playing some great netball. The ball was moving down the Court well, they started communicating and signaling, they were concentrating on their foot Work and shoulder passes. They girls had me on my toes and I was buzzing with excited because of their amazing comeback and perseverance. That was a great win U11’s! You worked hard and it all paid off. What a way to finish the season.

By: Miss Bussey

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