Match Reports: Wednesday 8 November 2017 - Amesbury School
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U11A Netball Team v St Hilary’s

Lost: 12-8
Players Player: Jasmine J

The U11 A team had a tough match against St Hilary’s this afternoon. They worked hard throughout the match and showed great fighting spirit. St Hilary’s took the lead early on to 8-2 in the first quarter, St Hilary’s moved their players into different positions so that the game was going to be more balanced. In the second quarter, Amesbury lead 2-1 and in the third quarter they lead 1-0. Going in to the final quarter, St Hilary’s went back to their initial positions and the teams drew 3-3. There were some super interceptions and as the game progressed the team spread out more and used the space more effectively. There were some rotations in positions and the girls adapted well and in the varied positions still gave 100% and they all played with determination. St Hilary’s was the stronger side this afternoon, but the U11A team gave it their best, well done.

Mrs Page


U10A V The Royal
Won 9-2
Lady of the match: Jazzy
Players player: Elsie

A chilly but excellent match for the U10A’s against The Royal. The game started with The Royal having first centre pass but Amesbury were quick to intercept and regain possession. Some strong and accurate passing from Jazzy, Isobel and Flora who worked really well together. Elsie had yet another brilliant game as GS. She called for the ball, moved into space and was shooting with confidence. Isabelle played well as WA, moving well around the D and passing the ball accurately to Iona in the D. Iona and Elsie continued to work well together, using each other for support in the D. At half time the girls were winning 6-2 and although starting to feel the cold, were still working hard as a team. Sophie, Isabelle and Milly were strong in defence making some excellent interceptions to then pass the ball down the court. Isobel went on the score three lovely goals as GS. A well-deserved win for the girls who all played brilliantly as a team, communicating effectively. Well done.

Mrs Williams


2nd Netball vs Penthorpe
Won 21-18
Players player: Emily
Lady of the Match: Jenny H

This week the 2nd’s had an absolute nail-biter of a match against Penthorpe and managed to come away with a fantastic win! From the very beginning of the match they knew it was going to be though and so it was great to see everyone putting in 100 percent until the very end. By the end of the first quarter Amesbury were up 8-1. Jenny moved swiftly through centre court, making some great passes to open team mates. In the defensive end Olivia marked her player tightly which helped keep Penthorpe’s score at 1 goal. It was during the 2nd quarter that all the girl’s really stepped up and showed off some fantastic skills! At half time the score was 17-8. Emily and Isabella worked fantastically together, creating great space in the D which resulted in many goals. As well as this, Sammy’s strong dodging and leading for the ball helped move it down the court and enabled many scoring opportunities. The 3rd quarter was tough, the score being 17-17 at the end of it. Both Maddie and Charlie performed strong and accurate passing as center court players. During the final quarter the girls knew they still had to work hard. At the defensive end Immy and Annie did a great job at marking their players and made it very difficult for Penthorpe to even have a shot at goal. This greatly helped the girls come away with the close win! A fantastic game today girls. You all played outstandingly and came away with a well deserved win!

Miss O’Sullivan


U11B Netball vs St Hilary’s
Lost 11-7
Players Player: Alice A & Millie

Despite the very cold conditions the U11B’s showed real determination and focus to ensure they produced a confident performance against a very strong opposition. In training the girls have worked hard on their movement and ability to drive towards the ball into space. This hard work was evident in the game as the girls were able to move the ball quickly down the court to the two shooters. Both GA and GS were able to capitalise on their opportunities to score throughout the match, resulting in a total of 7 goals. The U11’s were down by 2 goals after the first half. However the girls showed grit and determination to catch St Hilary’s in the third quarter, managing to bring it back to only being down by 1 goal going into the last quarter. Unfortunately the girls were not able to secure a win against a very strong St Hilary’s team. Despite the result, very player should be very proud of not only their performance today, but also their positive attitude throughout the match. Well done girls, a very close game!

Miss Donaldson


1st Netball v Pennthorpe

Lost 5-19

Lady of the match: Gracie G
Player’s Player: Dora S

This was a really tough match for the 1st team. The girls were already feeling slightly nervous about today, given this was a return match this season for the girls, following a defeat at the start of the netball season. Nevertheless, the girls approached the match with an admirable determination and commitment. Dora led the game superbly as Captain, retaining the pressure throughout in her role as WA. All of the centre court players (Georgie, Bo, Libby and Dora) worked their socks off to turn over possession and move the ball into attack. While both Gracie and Alice tried their best to lose their opponents, no mean feat given their height and reach. Alice was unfortunately marked by an incredibly tall GK, therefore saw very little of the ball throughout the game; a really tough obstacle to overcome. At half time the score sat at 9-0 to Pennthorpe. Having moved a few of their stronger players, we were able to get into the game in the second half. Gracie shot some wonderful goals against a superb GD and should be commended for her perseverance and strength at finding space. Our defence worked tirelessly as the ball remained in their third for the majority of the game. Emily H, Lara and Betty tried their best, shadowed well and made some great attempts to turnover possession. Sadly, this was a tough ask. The Pennthorpe girls were simply too strong for us and dominated the game. The final score rose to 5-19.
The score however, does not reflect the sheer commitment, passion and perseverance seen from the entire squad today. Girls, you played brilliantly and your game play improved throughout.

Mrs Dover


Girls Under 11 C Netball V St Hilary’s

Lost 17 – 5

Players Player Ruby

The girls were missing a player so St Hilary’s kindly donated Maddie who played in defence. They played on the Astro court which tended to be a little slippery but there were no injuries and we were lenient on the footwork rule.

The girls from St Hilary’s proved a tough team as they had a very tall shooter who did score at nearly every opportunity. Clara tried her hardest to jump and mark the ball but the size differential was too great. Camilla and Lucy proved a useful if not noisy duo as shooters. They have to learn to pass the ball back out of the circle and then move nearer to the goal to get a better chance at scoring. This means that support around the circle from Mia, Ruby and Clara was vital to enable the shooters to pass back and also know that someone is there to grab the ball when it bounces out of the circle. Our passing was rather suspect in the mid court area and the girls were not getting free in time and then calling for the ball when their oppostion were marking them again so less calling and more moving.

Anna, Ruby and Clara swapped positions to try and get more height in the circle to defend but the shooter still caught balls over their heads. She was moved in the fourth quarter and from then on St Hilarys only scored one goal. An enjoyable match, with good team spirit and no lack of determination even though they were losing.

Report by Mrs Crathern


U10B Netball v The Royal
Won 6-2
Players player – Alice
Lady of the match – Hattie

For a change in scenery and temperature the U10B’s played their netball match in the sports hall and maybe a little change is what they needed because the girls played extremely well. The movement of the ball was fantastic with strong accurate passes made by Ellie and Jemima. There was great defensive work by Isabelle and Rebecca as they worked hard for the ball and made good interceptions throughout the match. On the other side of the court Amelia was on fire, showing us some excellent shooting while Alice made great dodges allowing her to receive the ball in the D. Hattie put in all her effort to get the rebounds and Cecily was quick to get any loose balls. After struggling with footwork the girls made an effort to concentrate on this area resulting in Daisy and Tallulah doing some excellent footwork as well as great signalling. It was a exceptional game to watch and the girls really put in all their effort from the start all the way to the finishing whistle. Well done U10B’s, keep that fighting spirit!

Miss Bussey

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