Match Report: U10A Netball Tournament at PGS - Wednesday 15 November 2017 - Amesbury School
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U10A Netball Tournament at PGS
15th/18 schools

Amesbury vs Hall Grove Prep
Lost 9-1

The girls started the tournament with a tough first game again a very strong Hall Grove team. Hall Grove started strong scoring 3 successive goals, while Amesbury took a bit of time to get their brains in gear, and were able to settle down, scoring a goal towards the end of the 7 minute match.

Amesbury vs Twyford
Lost 9-2

The second game against Twyford proved to be another tough match. However the girls seemed to be more alert and showed better movement towards the ball, ensuring they gained more possession of the ball. This was helped by some well timed, confident interceptions in Amesbury’s defence, particually from both Sophie and Jazzy.

Amesbury vs PGS
Won 3-1

What an improvement. The girls started to play more like their usual selves, moving the ball with fluidity down the caught to the two shooters, who shoot with more confidence. The girls were able to turn over PGS’s first centre pass which resulted in Amesbury dominating the rest of the game.

Amesbury vs St. Gabriel’s
Lost 4-1

After a 2 match break after a great win against PGS, it took a few minutes for Amesbury to get their heads back in the game. Throughout the 7 minute match Amesbury created plenty of opportunities to score, unfortunately due to the pressure on the two shooters Amesbury were not able to match St. Gabriel’s 4 goals. However Amesbury did well to hold their own against another very strong opposition.

Amesbury vs Cranleigh
Lost 3-1

Another very close game for the U10’s, with improved passing accuracy of passing into the D to the two shooters. The girls also showed some fight in the defensive positions, resulting in the both the GD and GK winning rebounds which reduced Cranleigh’s opportunity to increase their lead.

Amesbury vs Highfield
Lost 4-1

Again the girls were able to gain possession of the ball for the majority of the game, however once again the match did not go in our favour. The girls demonstrated excellent movement of the ball, using a wide range of dodges to get free. Some excellent shooting Elsie granted Amesbury a well deserved goal.

Amesbury vs Oakwood
Lost 4-1

Seven matches in, and the girls were showing signs of fatigue. However they kept up their energy levels and continued to demonstrate good skill throughout the game. Towards the end of the game Amesbury started to bring the game back, however due to the very short games this did not allow the U10’s secure a victory.

Amesbury vs Princes Mead
Won 2-0

What a game to end the tournament on. The girls showed admirable grit and determination to end on a high. They showed the best movement and passing accuracy all tournament. Both shooters showed confidence to shoot from increased distances, resulting in Amesbury winning a well deserved game against Princes Mead. Well done a you all worked very hard throughout the tournament!

Miss Donaldson

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