U10 B Rounders v Cranleigh: Wednesday 7th June 2017 - Amesbury School
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Lost: 12 ½ to 10 ½
Fielder of the Match: Ruby
Batter of the Match : Lucy Close

Amesbury won the toss and opted to field first. Lack of concentration and focus lost us two rounders at the start but then the girls regrouped with Millie and Ruby both making impressive catches and Clara stumping out a player at first base. Some miss thrown balls lost us a few more half rounder’s but all in all the girls played very well. Cranleigh scored a total of 7 ½ rounders in their first innings.

Amesbury came in to bat and with the first four strikes scored 3 ½ rounders with full rounders from Millie, Ruby and Lucy Close. Sadly that impressive period was short lived with only half rounders scored thereafter. The girls were much more keen to run to second base in the hope of scoring as opposed to loitering around first base. This lead to a few being stumped out but I was very happy with the desire to score. Amesbury scored 6 rounders so at this stage it was very close.

Cranleigh came back in to bat, scoring only 5 rounders as the girls tightened up their fielding. Isabella and Ruby narrowly missed catches at 3rd and 4th, with improved fielding around 2nd base with Flora and Mia as back up to Millie. We needed some bit hits and fast running to beat Cranleigh, however they too had improved their fielding with great backstop to 2nd base throwing which hampered our attempts at half rounders. Camilla scored 2 full rounders with amazing hits and fast speed around the stumps. Sadly we could only manage 4 ½ rounders so a win was snatched from our grasp. Better luck next time girls.

Ms Crathern

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