U10B Rounders v Barrow Hills: 10 May - Amesbury School
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U10B Rounders v Barrow Hills: 10 May


Lost 7 – 8 ½

Batter:  Alice

Fielder:  Millie

Lady of the Match:  Emily

Mia very kindly accepted a request to play for Barrow Hills as the numbers were uneven so many thanks to her.   She was very sporting, listening to their advice and trying as hard as she would have for Amesbury.

Our girls were batting first, finding it difficult to make contact in their first innings so we only scored two rounders.  Their fielding was very strong with few mistakes and no ½ rounders given away.

Barrow Hills then came in to bat with one player in particular who scored two full rounders, hitting the ball miles.  Emily bowled with great accuracy only giving away half a rounder so very well done to her.   The opposition also ran very fast and quite often sped first base, making it to 2nd scoring lots of half rounder.  Their total after the first innings was 6.


After a team talk the girls came out with a much more positive attitude, hitting the ball and speeding round the posts.  Alice scored two rounders, not great strikes but a real reading of play, capitalising on fumbled balls by rocketing to 4th post.  Other rounders came from Emily and Millie.   I was so impressed with the change in tempo and enthusiasm, they looked like a different team.  We scored 5 rounders making a total of 7.


The girls knew they had an uphill struggle to keep the number of rounder’s down but gave it their all with excellent bowling from Emily and great fielding with players stumped out at 2nd and 3rd base.,  Much better deep fielding from Flora and Camilla in the second innings.   One mistake in fielding led to a full rounder but the girls managed to keep tight control, stumping players out and a very impressive catch by Emily.    Barrow Hills only scored 2 ½ rounders in this innings, making the final score very close.  Even the girls admitted that if they have come out playing as they did in the 2nd innings then they would have won.

Points to remember are to practise batting at home, we need some long hits and run as fast as you can from the batting square.   A lovely game in beautiful weather.

Sally Crathern, Girls Games

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