U11 A Rounders v Cranleigh: Wednesday 7th June 2017 - Amesbury School
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Won 13 – 12 ½
Lady of the match: Daisy
Batter of the match: Libby
Fielder of the match: Gracie

A very windy afternoon on Fyfield, however the girls do not let that get in their way! They won the toss and therefore fielded first. Cranleigh certainly did not expect Amesbury to get 5 of their players out on their first hit. With quick reactions from Olivia as bowler, Lara stumped two people out at 1st post. Gracie, Olivia and Hannah all caught players out but the catch of the match has to go to Daisy you caught the ball which was hit with speed and power, therefore Cranleigh now without their strongest player. The girls continued to work with determination, focus and excellent team work in the field. Great communication between Libby and Gracie. Bo and Alice were quick to field the ball back into the diamond, putting the pressure on the runners.

When Amesbury were up to bat they knew they had to bear 3 ½ rounders. Daisy consistently hit the ball with power and speed out into the deep, allowing her to score half rounders each time. Hannah and Libby also managed to score half a rouonder each. As the bowler sometimes bowled no balls the girls soon realised that if they hit it, they should run in order to give the team some bonus balls. Olivia scored 1 ½ rounders in total in the first innings. The girls came away with a 1 ½ rounder lead at half time.

Fielding for the second time and Cranleigh were certainly more cautious with where they hit the ball to, ensuring Amesbury did not catch them out. The girls had to tighten up their fielding to prevent Cranleigh from scoring. The girls played with motivation worked hard at stopping the batters from scoring. Batting in the second innings ~Daisy, Olivia, Libby and Hannah scored a number of rounders between them, with Gracie, Libby, Hannah and Olivia also scoring half rounders. The girls knew they had to score as much as possible as the over score was going to be close. They had to ensure they sprinted round those posts while always watching the ball. This was a fantastically close game and the girls won the match by half a rounder! Brilliantly played by all, well done!

Miss Willimas

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