U9A Rounders v Westbourne House: 27 April - Amesbury School
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U9A Rounders v Westbourne House: 27 April

Friday 28 Apr 2017

Thursday 27th April

U9A V Westbourne House

Won: 22 ½ – 17

Batter: Daisy

Fielder: Iona

Lady of the match: Jazzy


A fantastic first match for the U9A girls over at Westbourne House in Chichester.  They won the toss and got straight into fielding, giving them the opportunity of seeing how many rounders they had to try and beat for when they came to bat.  Milly and Isabelle managed to stump out three players between 2nd and 3rd post in the first innings which was brilliant.  Jazzy had quick reactions in the deep, preventing the ball from going further and following it up with a pass to second post. The girls did really well at trying to stop the opposition from scoring rounders.

When batting the girls played a super game ensuring they scored as much as possible.  They watched the ball well when running round the posts, making sure they tried not to be out.  After the first innings Amesbury were winning by 2 ½ rounders giving the girls a big confidence booster.

Fielding again and Maia worked well, watching ball, catching and stumping.  The girls had definitely tightened up on their fielding where they were really starting to work together and pass accurately.

Batting for the final time the Amesbury seemed to have suddenly developed a feel for some big hits.  The whole were stonking the ball out in the deep field which meant the girls were easily able to score at least ½ or even a whole rounder.  The final score was Amesbury 22 ½ to Westbourne House 17.

A brilliant afternoon and a super first match girls.  Well done all.

Louise Williams, Head of Girls Games

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