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School News

Pre-Nursery recently created a dinosaur home after one of the children came in pretending to be a dinosaur! Pretty soon a friend joined in too and they were quickly playing alongside each other in a game of dinosaur role play. It wasn’t long before the rest of the Pre-Nursery children were also knee-deep in dinosaur fun play…

Walking with Dinosaurs

In keeping with our ‘In the moment planning’, the Nursery Team have been following the children’s interests of dinosaurs and crafts. This also tied in with our phonic sound ‘Dd’, so enabling us to incorporate literacy into the child-led learning.

We started the week with the children making ‘dough dinosaurs’ modelling their creations on their dinosaur of choice. We also had large scale dinosaurs drawn on the chalk board, lovely observational drawings, junk models and even representations made with pipe cleaners and polystyrene packing beans! We also made ‘dinosaur worlds’ for the children to adapt and submerge themselves into as their play developed and evolved.


The fun did not stop there, the children strapped cardboard dinosaur feet cut outs onto their shoes and walked like dinosaurs along the corridor. As a way of developing their number skills we planned an activity where the children walked barefoot along a length of paper after stepping into paint. They then counted their toes and compared the number of toes and the size of their feet to those of the dinosaurs.

Jackie Collyer, Head of Early Years

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