The Pre Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) programme of study - Amesbury School
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School News

At Amesbury, the pupils in Years 7 and 8 follow the Pre Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) programme of study.


At the core of the PSB is the development of values, skills, attitudes and behaviours required for pupils to succeed and flourish in an ever changing world. At Amesbury, every pupil (not just those in Y7 & 8) is encouraged to Collaborate, show Commitment, develop a sense of Community, exhibit Curiosity, demonstrate Leadership, Persevere, show Reflection, Research effectively and display a willingness to Risk Take.

Curriculum & Assessment

All subjects have used the PSB model to develop curricula which are no longer just about ‘knowledge acquisition’. Instead, they are aiming to develop a love of learning, by enriching themes and challenging thinking. Put simply, more time is available to explore the ‘exciting bits.’

Assessments across subjects take a more ‘coursework’ based approach. This ensures that pupils can achieve in a range of forums, from debates to investigations, or smaller scale quizzes to presentations.

Senior Schools

Senior Schools accept the PSB certificate at 13+ together with their own entrance tests or core Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) examination papers. In our experience, pupils who have completed the PSB leave as highly confident individuals, with skills sharpened, ready to face any future challenges.


It can sometimes be difficult to ‘visualise’ what the PSB is like. Pupil DS summed it up by saying,

Although it is hard work, PSB is great because I don’t have to do all the exams for Common Entrance and it is easier to revise in bits rather than all at once. I am happy with my results but I realised that I have to work hard for the assessments and that everything counts leading up to my final mark.

 Additionally, Canford had this to say, 

The PSB provides an opportunity for pupils to explore their learning on a variety of levels and across a range of exciting and stimulating contexts. The PSB programme ensures pupils make connections between their many learning experiences through a coherent ethos and this can only enhance the quality of their education. I am all in favour of programmes which encourage teaching and learning on a more engaging and expansive level.”

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