Whole School Art Exhibition 2019 - Amesbury School
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School News

On the afternoon of Thursday 20 June the VAC proudly opened it’s doors to showcase art work from each class in the school from Reception through to Year 8. After a busy year spent with our heads down, working hard, the exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity for pupils and teachers alike to enjoy seeing the fruits of their labour. It’s always a special moment to see all the work together, spilling over walls and tables, and a joy to see the excitement of the children as they share their work with parents and friends.

Our Reception pupils exhibited amazing ‘Rainforest’ paintings, inspired by the work of artist, Rousseau. Year 1 had created a collaborative house design model inspired by Hundertwasser, complete with eco grass roofs. Year 2 demonstrated their excellent drawing and painting skills in their highly detailed studies of dinosaurs. Miss. Wright had to look twice – she couldn’t quite believe they were the work of Year 2! Year 3 had their wonderful textile cakes on show and their over-sized food sculptures inspired by pop-artist Claes Oldenburg. The expressive mixed media studies and beautifully delicate clay sculptures of sea urchins were the creation of Year 4. Year 5 captured our attention with their stunning drawings and textile depictions of beetles. Year 6 not only entertained us with their wonderful animations but also impressed with their Aztec Art themed clay heads. Year 7 took centre stage upstairs with their display of ‘continuous line’ wire self-portraits. The Year 8 book sculptures amazed once more and proved popular with visitors.

A heart-felt thank you to all those parents and staff who attended. There was a great buzz of excitement around the exhibition, as bees round a honey pot and it was lovely to see so many visitors enjoying viewing the work in our wonderful space.

We can’t wait for the next one!

Mrs. Tristram
Head of Visual Art


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