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Year six is a significant year for many pupils at Amesbury, as they prepare to take the next step in their education.

At Amesbury we are rightly proud of our track record of success with pupils who have gained places and won scholarships at a wide variety of excellent senior schools.
One of the reasons Amesbury proves to be such a good platform for senior education is the approach to 11-plus examinations.

In early September, parents of pupils in Years 5 and 6 are invited to a Parent Information Evening, in which the 11+ process is explained in detail. The first two weeks of Year 6 are also adapted, with a focus on English, Maths, Reasoning, interview preparation and study skills.

Amesbury’s staff is experienced in preparing pupils for the range of different senior schools and are able to offer focus group support in English and Maths, to ensure each child is fully cognisant of the requirements and techniques for their chosen destination. Reasoning is taught as a discreet subject from Year 4 and a lunchtime Reasoning club is also run weekly to enable pupils to hone their skills.

Whether it’s written examinations in January or online pre-tests from October onwards, pupils are supported in polishing core skills, the development of exam technique and growth in personal confidence.

Additionally, each pupil will be coached through interview practice sessions, either in class, small groups or in one-to-one scenarios. External interviewers also come in to give pupils an authentic experience and provide personalised feedback. One size doesn’t fit all, though, so pupils are prepared for the approaches of a variety of different schools.

Sitting entrance assessments could prove to be a daunting and stressful experience without the correct guidance. However, Amesbury’s pastoral support and emphasis on breadth and balance within the curriculum, ensure that pupils continue to enjoy their learning while remaining mindful of the necessity to prepare them well for the important senior-school entrance exams they will take during that school year.

At Amesbury we ensure that we are not just preparing pupils for excellence in their 11+ examinations but are also preparing for them to thrive in their new setting.

Jackie Bowers

Deputy Head, Academic

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