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Right before we all sauntered off into our Easter holidays, Year 7 had the mammoth task of performing an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We carefully selected thirteen scenes from the classic tragi-comedy with the hope that, despite it’s shortened format, the audience would ably follow the infamous tale of our star crossed lovers. We needn’t have worried of course, the year group were absolutely stellar in their attitude and commitment; they expertly wove exquisite classical extracts in between gritty and bloody hip hop scenes with finesse and vibrant professionalism. It was a pleasure to watch both audiences sit there engaged and enthralled. The audience were surrounded by the year group’s own graffiti work (that glowed in the ultra violet lights) and were sat ‘in the round’. This meant that it was a highly interactive experience for all involved, it also meant I could clearly see the expressions of the viewer and performer – both equally animated in their reaction to the powerful content.

Both Mrs Taylor and myself are so proud of the year group’s achievements. It was a concept that could have been incredibly clunky; changing from intricate, classical Shakespearian scenes to street fights, fake tattoos and hip hop could have separated the story rather than bind it. However, it really worked and there was so much incredible feedback after the show. This is purely down to the hard, hard work of the performers. Our Year 7s are so capable and talented, truly, so an almighty thank you to our ambitious and wild Montagues and Capulets for pulling off two wonderful shows – I have loved working with you on this project.

Miss Norris
Performing Arts


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