Year 7 Visit to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - Amesbury School
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School News

Year 7 visited Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP) just after half term. The weather gods smiled kindly upon us as we investigated an example of Sustainable Urban Redevelopment (as well as the home of the 2012 Olympics). We even managed to squeeze in a slide down the Orbit and pizza for lunch. The following is the day from the students perspective…


Leo – I really liked the bmx park it is really sustainable (made out of excess mud).

Harry – I really liked the aquatic centre and how it looked I liked how it was only made
of sustainable wood (The pizza was also excellent).

Benjamin – I enjoyed looking at the aquatic centre it is very sustainable due to the
overflow water flushing the toilets (The pizza was nice).

Beatrice H – I really liked the velodrome. The sustainable pine wood was really cool!!

George E- I really enjoyed the slide because it was really quick and long and high up
and the pizza was really nice and the orbit tower is made out of recycled steel.

Alfie – I enjoyed the slide because it was very fast and fun. It was made of re-cycled
steel. Pizza was very good.

Hayden – I really like the velodrome as most of the light came through the roof not
through electric light.

Daisy – I really enjoyed the velodrome and there is some really interesting stuff such as the sustainable pine.

Tallulah – I really liked walking around and looking at all the trees soaking up the water I thought it was pretty cool.

Edward B – I really liked the BMX track especially the way they’re purposed the mud to make it and how the velodrome taught kids to ride a bike (the pizza and slide were amazing).

Thomas B – I really enjoyed the slide it is the biggest tunnel slide in the world it was fun and scary at the same time, it was made from recycled metal. pizza was soooo goooood.

Louis – I really liked that they used the excess pool water to flush the toilets (loved the pizza too).

Joshua – I found the velodrome the best because it was so steep at the corners and the floor was made out of sustainable Siberian pine.

George B – I really liked the velodrome because it was really cool that it was made of 35 miles of sustainable pine. It was great fun!

Beatrice C – I really enjoyed the velodrome because we got to watch people cycling around and I liked the fact that the velodrome has two doors at the beginning of the stairs and the end to keep the temperature the same.

Alex – I really liked how they use clean canals for public transport which encourages people not to use cars or any other transport that produces carbon emissions which helps the environment and health. Sadly I didn’t have the pizza but anyway it sounded good.

Mimi – I really enjoyed the slide and looking at the view from up high with so many
sustainable things… Also I liked winding Archie up because he really wanted to go
down the stairs but he didn’t and we did!

Cianan – It was really interesting to learn about different ways that the Olympic Park is
sustainable (like having only one car park on site during the Olympics so people used
public transport).

Ben – The slide was soooooooooooo fun oh and the air locked doors on the velodrome
were cool as well.

Saul – I really enjoyed the slide even though I was terrified and I found it really
surprising that it was made from recycled steel. Pizza was amazing as well. Thank you.

Jemima – I found the slide really scary but it was cool that it was made out of recycled

Alice – I really like the slide (the pizza) the slide was made out of recycled steel and
lots of cycle paths.. thanks.

Alec – It was cool that the lights had solar panels on them (Pizzzaaaa was amazing).

Noah – I enjoyed the velodrome because it was made from sustainable pine and the
slide traumatised me (the pizza was good).

Lily – I liked the velodrome because it was made with recycled pine. Pizza was good.

Millie – I thought the aquatic centre was really cool because the run off water from the
swimming pool was re-cycled!!!!

Archie – I liked the slide it was so fun. I liked the solar panels. The best bit was the

Florence – The slide was really fun, but it was so scary and I screamed all the way down! I thought I might actually die! it’s also made of recycled steel.

Edward H– I thought the pizza was soooo nice and the aquatics centre roof collected water and it was cool.

Thomas M – I liked the slide which was fun. Did you know that it was made out of recycled steel?

Alexander – I really like the fact that the slide is made of recycled steel.

Wilfred – I found the velodrome interesting because they use a lot of natural lighting through the windows and roof. I also really enjoyed the Orbit tower slide.

Henry – I liked the aquatic centre , how they heat the swimming pool with the moving floor.

Charlie – The velodrome had “air lock” door to keep heat in.

Mr Gibb, Head of Geography

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