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It is essential for pupils to have an understanding of Mathematics as almost every part of their future life will require a grasp of number, whether this be to tell the time, check change, to use formulae or to understand nuclear physics.

At Amesbury, we create an awareness of the relevance of mathematics to the whole curriculum and wider environment beyond school. During our lessons we hope to promote positive attitudes, enjoyment, confidence and an enthusiasm for mathematics.

Years 1 and 2 have five one hour lessons each week which are taught by their class teacher. All classes from Year 3 – 8 have four one hour lessons per week. In Years 5 – 8 the children are set by ability for Maths.


Head of Department

Sandy Gibb joined Amesbury in 2008. As an Oxford Graduate (BEd) she began her teaching in the state system, before teaching at St. Ives, Haslemere, for several years. She has an interest in using a variety of different technologies within her teaching, using a variety of styles suitable for the learner.

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