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In today’s society, we need to be aware as never before of other languages and of the ways in which they identify and represent their cultures.  Learning a language is an enriching experience and our pupils leave, equipped with many of the skills language learning brings.


French is taught from Nursery to Year 8 and is structured to develop the pupils’ communicative skills and their understanding of how languages work.  A wide variety of activities are used in lessons in order to cater for all learning styles and encouraging an enthusiasm for French.  We offer a comprehensive programme of study that not only provides the pupils with the necessary skills required to pass entrance exams but also encourages them to see language learning as fun, useful and vital in today’s society.

Some of the highlights during the school year see pupils experience:

Amesbury Languages Day All year groups have the opportunity to join in with the day.  Pupils are given the opportunity to try out different languages and learn about other cultures as well as trying some foreign food!

Year 7 visit Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy for a week of French language immersion.  Activities include climbing, archery, bread making, an obstacle course with a twist and a visit to Mont Saint-Michel.  It is a fantastic week that gives the children real confidence in conversing in French and immersing themselves in the French way of life.



Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and with approximately a further 100 million people speaking it as their second language; it remains a popular and important language to study.  Spanish is taught in Years 7 and 8.

Pupils will develop the skills which will allow them to understand the spoken and written language and to use it effectively to communicate.  Pupils are given opportunities to take part in a broad range of linguistic activities, promoting a real interest in Spain and its culture.  Amesburians leave with an excellent foundation in Spanish on which to build at their future school.


Head of Department

Magali Nicol is a keen language learner and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with our pupils. Languages are a life skill; they teach cultural awareness, develop your communication skills and give you greater opportunities to travel and work abroad.

She joined Amesbury in 2013, having taught in a secondary state school for 12 years. Originally from Brittany, she has a degree in English (BA hons equivalent) from Rennes 2 University. She has a particular interest in learning styles and always looking for new ways to learn and teach.


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