The Arts are a vital part of every Amesburian’s development. More pupils than ever are actively involved in some form of the Arts, whether it be choreographing a hip hop dance, singing a Bach Chorale, painting a portrait, programming their own tracks for music videos or performing a monologue on the opening night of the Senior Production.

Amesbury whole heartedly embraces the arts and recognises the importance it plays in every pupil’s social and educational development. We look upon the arts as a specifically non-exclusive subject, where every child has an equal opportunity to sing, dance, act, make art and express themselves artistically under the guidance of a team of experienced specialists. Engagement in drama and creative opportunities can transform the way children learn and explore the world around them. It can change the way that children view themselves as well as helping them to develop specific skills.


Visual Arts

Art education plays a valuable part in the development of astute, independent and confident young people.

Art is the means by which life reflects on, transforms and indeed creates its values; human life without it would not be human at all.

Antony Gormley

The role of the Visual Art Department at Amesbury School is to provide a place where children can learn to draw, paint, print, work in textiles, work collaboratively, design, imagine, discuss, review, improve, develop and achieve personal bests in the work that they do. We aim to offer as many opportunities as possible for children to experience different techniques and methodologies, and to be able to explore Art in the classroom and beyond.

Central to the philosophy of the Visual Arts Department is the enjoyment and sense of personal fulfilment our students experience from engaging in the subject. We aim to help them to find avenues for their talents to prosper and confidence to increase.

We see Visual Art as an important subject with the potential to be the basis for future careers as well as the possibility of providing a space for children to express themselves effectively within the school context.

To enhance our learning we visit museums, galleries and sites of particular interest. We also have many inspiring opportunities to work with visiting artists and creative professionals who come to school to support developing project work throughout the year.

Visual Art offers regular Extra Curricular support for students building Scholarship Portfolios. There are further long and short-term extra curricular activities available throughout the year.


Our Thomas Visual Arts Centre is the winner of a prestigious FX International Design Award. The TVAC has beaten other short listed projects including The Jia Ping-Wa Museum of Art in China, Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport Terminal 2 (project) and the elegant New Ludgate building which overlooks St Paul’s Cathedral in London. It has also been shortlisted for the Building Design ‘Architect of the Year’ awards and nominated for a RIBA (regional) award.


head of department

Kerry Tristram completed her Bachelor of Art Degree (Hons) in Jewellery Design at Middlesex University and her PGCE at Roehampton University of Surrey, specialising in Early Years/Key Stage 1 and Art & Design.  She has worked as a primary school teacher, Art teacher, department leader and Art educator in schools and summer camps.  She is also a working artist, who has exhibited and sold her work in shops, galleries and craft fairs nationwide.  Kerry joined Amesbury in 2015.

It does not matter whether the individual ends up becoming a professional artist; the important thing is that the direct experience of art makes the individual.

Antony Gormley

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